BMA Taekwondo Reversible Chest Guard New WTF Style

Published in Detail Review on 2nd January 2021
BMA Taekwondo Reversible Chest Guard New WTF Style

Taekwondo Chest GuardProduct Introduction

It is very necessary to wear good quality chest and rib protector in the game. Chest protectors or body armor is essential equipments for the players who are serious about their safety on the field. There are various reasons for wearing the chest protectors. While it offers great protection to the shoulders, ribs, back and chest of the players, it even makes sure that the internal organs are not hurt due to different kinds of impact that the body faces during the game. Chest protectors are a must for the body in different sports like boxing, softball, basketball, baseball, volleyball, hockey and even racing and many others. However, it is necessary to wear the Chest & Rib Guard in the right way or else there is no use of wearing it. There are different types of chest protectors available in the market. They offer different levels of protection to the users. While purchasing a chest protector, one should see whether it offers comfort. If it does not, then the entire focus of the player is lost during the game. One is not encouraged to wear the sports protector if it is not comfortable. The collar of the protector should not bite into the neck and should not be too restrictive. BMA Chest and Rib guard is recommended by players for offering high level of comfort and protection.

Product Details

BMA chest and rib guard is the best chest & rib guard in the market at present. It is the new WTF style chest and rib protector. It is composed of high quality foam. The chest and rib protector is such designed that it offers ventilation to increase the comfort of the players. It is reversible and can be used in both red and blue colors. While cleaning the chest protector, one should use a sponge for the same together with water. Using chemicals on the chest protector weakens the material. While cleaning, the straps should be kept buckled together and also when not in use. This helps prevents the buckles from getting snapped when they are in storage. Players know it very well that sports game hurts their chest and other parts of the body. If injured badly, it takes a lot of time for the player to get the injury healed and get back on the field after recovery. Hence, protection is better than getting injured. Use BMA chest and rib guard for the game. It is specially designed for the players. It is highly adjustable and offers superior level of protection to the body of the players during the game.


BMA chest & rib guard comes with neck brace compatibility for ease of movement. It is unrestricting. The chest and rib guard can be easily adjusted for comfort and convenience of the players. It is designed to offer adequate ventilation and breathability to the players. BMA chest protectors should not only be worn during the game but also during the practice drills and training sessions. Chest protectors should be chosen carefully. They should not restrict the movement of the players and should not be uncomfortable. Women should compulsorily wear high quality sports bra inside the chest protector for additional protection to the breasts. Players should appear tough on the field to dominate their opponents. When they wear chest protectors, they are much more confident and this confidence can be seen in their games. Many sportspersons do not find wearing one necessary. However, they are putting themselves at risk by doing so.


Get rib guard from BMA. There are no drawbacks of wearing the protector. In fact, there are many advantages of doing so.


BMA chest and rib guard is one of the highly beneficial and recommended products in the market. It is a necessary safety gear for the players.


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