ProForce Velocity Martial Arts Chestguard

Published in Detail Review on 2nd January 2021
ProForce Velocity Martial Arts Chestguard

ProForce Velocity Chest GuardProduct Introduction

Sport like Martial arts are an unarmed combat practice performed generally for the purpose of self defense, fitness, health or entertainment. There is no involvement of weapons or armaments during practice. However there are many precautions which should be taken during martial arts. Void of any guard or other such protection may cause some severe injuries or illness. It may cause some serious troubles like commotio cord is. To avoid such stern circumstances, it is very vital to use a chest & rib guard or a chest and rib protector. ProForce Velocity Martial Arts Chest guard is one of the best chest & rib guards. It is worn by players in order to safeguard and protect their diaphragm and ribs from getting injured. Players indulged in dual player games require the need of wearing chest & rib guards.

Product Details

ProForce Martial Arts are a brand which has been manufacturing and serving martial arts products since 1992. Due to its high quality products served all over the world since years, it has now become a trustworthy brand. Continuing with its tradition of quality product ProForce Martial Arts has developed and brought a range of Proforce Chest & Rib Guard. The product is made of paramount quality material which is fit for the Martial Arts players of all ages and body types. It has off hook and loop closure on front side of the guard. 1 ½” hook and loop top elastic strap gives the user flexibility and space for some further adjustments. 1” nylon bottom strap is also available. This makes the guard body-fit and protective. You can get rib guard in two different ranges. One is for the adults called the “Adult guard” and second is for the juniors called the “Junior Guard”. Adult guards offer three sizes i.e. M, L and XL. And the junior guards are available in the sizes XS, S and S-M. These guards can be worn with ease like a jacket in a fraction of a minute. These are protective, goal oriented and attractive too. They are available in different colors like black, blue, pink, red and white. The bright shiny colors make them look very eye-catching.


ProForce Velocity Martial Arts Chest Guard offers number of advantages to its users. They are solid, robust, goal oriented, protective and a quality material. They are attractive and available in different colors making them whole heartedly acceptable by a large number of people belonging to all age groups. These are flexible and can fit any body type. Its elastic straps help the user loosen or tighten the guard as required. They are easy to put on and bear. Not so heavy ones, these chest and rib guards do not hinder the martial arts practice in any way. They are effortless to carry too.


On an overall level, the chest and rib guard provides no scope of disadvantage to the user. But it is very essential for players to follow some basic rule of the game as well. The product ensures safety to certain extent only. In case of any personal injury, the product does not come in the fault bracket. Hence, the user should be aware enough about this. The player should be well educated before tempering with it. He or she should understand the manual and usage instructions well before. It is essential for every player to wear a mouth guard along with chest and rib guard.


The product is a good choice to opt for. With proper handling and care the product promises lastingness. The purposeful product is very helpful in martial arts practices and games. Special self-care should always be taken and done to avoid any mishaps.



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