Reversible Sparring Vest

Published in Detail Review on 2nd January 2021
Reversible Sparring Vest

Sparring Gear Chest ProtectorsProduct Introduction

Good quality chest and rib guard offers high levels of protection to the players while they are playing the game. Many sports require players to protect themselves on the field, especially the games where balls are used. Baseball, cricket, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, soccer, football, hockey and especially boxing require players to protect their chests and ribs from sudden attack. It takes weeks for the injury to heal and players lose valuable time of practice and sometimes, even important matches and tournaments. Chest & Rib Guard is specially designed to offer protection to the chest and breast of the male and female players on the field. They help protect the upper body and torso of the players. While they are worn, they disperse the energy of the impact and this prevents the body getting hurt. Sometimes, players hit the ground during the game or get hit by their own team member or even an opponent in the game. The chest and rib guard prevents them getting injured in such situations. The chest and rib protectors fit snugly into the uniform or jerseys of the players. The body armor gives them an edge on the field over the opponents. BBS Chest & Rib Guard is one of the most liked products among the present lot.

Product Details

BBS Chest & Rib Guard is composed of high density foam and is covered with soft vinyl for offering added protection. It can be easily wiped clean with the help of a damp cloth. The laced up closure of the BBS Chest and Rib Guard is what makes the product a favorite of the players. There are different sizes available of this best chest & rib guard. It comes in extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. Hence, it is meant for different players. The reversible vest of the BBS Chest and Rib Guard features red scoring zone on one side while the other color is blue. The chest and rib guard comes with adjustable shoulder straps for added flexibility in the shoulder area. The removable arm guards make it all the more comfortable. The cooling vents in the game allow additional airflow to the body. The chest and rib guard comes with additional padding in the neck and shoulder area. It is light in weight and helps the player maintain the focus on the field. The product is a hot favorite among the players of different sports.


BBS Chest & Rib guard helps prevents injuries on the field. While injuries are part and parcel of any sports, wearing a high quality protector is quite essential. In the absence of the proper safety gear like chest guards, the player is putting his or her body at risk. Injuries are a major letdown during the game and with proper safety guards, they can be prevented. BBS Chest and Rib guard offers highest levels of protection to the chest and breasts of the male and female players. In absence of proper chest and rib guard, there are chances of ribs getting fractured during the game. If one of the ribs cracks, they cause a direct blow to the chest of the players. If the player wears a proper chest and rib guard, such injuries and delay in training sessions can be prevented. It offers confidence to the players to face their opponents in the game. Players get an edge over the competitors and they are not troubled of getting hurt in the game. Get rib guard from BBS for extra protection.


There are no drawbacks or disadvantages of wearing chest & rib guard. In fact, there are many benefits of wearing the same.


BBS Chest & Rib guard is one of the highly recommended products by athletes and is a necessary safety gear for the game.


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