ProForce Thunder Sports Body Guard Chest Protector

Published in Detail Review on 2nd January 2021
ProForce Thunder Sports Body Guard Chest Protector

ProForce Thunder Sports BodyguardProduct Introduction

Sports play an important part in the life of every individual. It becomes essential for each one of us to pursue atleast any one of them with zeal and passion. It not only enhances our health and fitness but also benefit us greatly intellectually as well. The rules of sports vary. Different types of sports are pursued individually, dual and as teams. Dual games require an involvement of two players that compete with one another. Two of such sports are- boxing and karate. In these games, it is necessary for players to ensure proper protection gears. Ignorance of protective equipments can lead to minor as well as major injuries. It also depends upon the striking in the game. If the strikes are given properly, the protection helps a lot. For such game the idle protection to be used is the Proforce Chest & Rib Guard. The name itself suggests all. It is to be used as a protection or as chest & rib guard while playing games like boxing, karate or similar games.

Product Details

The Chest & rib guard is one of the essential equipments for the players playing boxing and karate. There is a need to get a rib guard while playing these games for utmost protection. The Proforce Chest & Rib Guard is considered to be the best Chest & Rib Guard due to following specifications:

  • The chest and rib guard is made of ¾” inches of the foam which is very dense.
  • This foam helps to cover entire chest, sternum, and kidney area.
  • The foam core has a Vinyl coating over it.
  • It is best chest & rib guard as designed to provide maximum protection and mobility.
  • The Proforce Chest and Rib Guard have two elastic straps on the shoulder and one across over the back.
  • The weight of this chest and rib guard is 6 pounds.
  • They are available in a price range of $34.00 -$49.50.
  • The pricing depends upon the sizes of the Proforce Chest and Rib Guard.
  • The various sizes available in the Chest and Rib guards are extra small, small, medium, large and extra large.
  • Get rib guard of any color as it is available in 4 colors- red, blue, black and white.


Proforce Chest & Rib Guard is equipped with certain benefits that make it one of the most preferred chest and rib guards. Learn about the advantages in detail:

  • The Proforce Chest & Rib Guard is light in weight and can be carried easily
  • It has foam covering which ¾” in inch and has vinyl cover on this thick foam
  • This vinyl covering enables maximum protection to the chest, shoulder top, kidney area and also the sternum.
  • The design of this chest and Rib guard is very unique making it possible to snug in and fit in properly.
  • This design also helps in not losing the mobility of the guard.
  • It also has straps to ensure the fitting of the best chest and rib guard.
  • There is one strap which can be attached across the back.
  • Other two straps can be attached in the middle of the strap.

Thus, a boxer or karate player should get chest and rib guard for all the above reasons and also the cost effectiveness of the product.


The only problem with the Proforce Chest and Rib guard is of getting injured if not strike properly. Striking any object improperly can cause injury. These products come with protection guarantee unless it is used properly. If the object is struck without any prior training, the best chest and rib guard also will not protect the player.


The Chest and Rib guards are one of the essential and recommended items when it comes to any game. The Proforce chest and rib guard is the best chest and rib guard due to its unique design. Get rib guard today, so as to master in the game with full protection.


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