TMAS Deluxe Tournament Hogu

Published in Detail Review on 2nd January 2021
TMAS Deluxe Tournament Hogu

Deluxe Tournament Hogu: TMASProduct Introduction

Taekwondo is an art that has emerged from the earlier times from Korea. It is a type of martial arts that was used by the Koreans to protect their civilizations. This art was converted into a sport since 1955. However, it originally emerged 2300 years back in Korea. Taekwondo is practiced with the fist and the foot of the player and has got it’s foundations from various martial arts like Judo, Karate and wrestling. This art basically involves the kicks and the punches tossed from various postures. Training of such a sport emphasizes the use of blows, strikes, punches and kicks. Sometimes, the players may fall down and be hit at different body parts too. This is where the need for a Chest and Rib Guard arises. The TMAS Chest & Rib Guard is one of the leading products in this category. Also known as the Deluxe Tournament Hogu, it is the best Chest & Rib Guard in the market. The Hogu is a kind of body armor which is used mainly in the tournaments of karate and taekwondo fights. Hogu majorly protects the body trunk including the kidney, chest, ribs as well as the liver from any kind of fracture or injury.

Product Details

The TMAS Chest & Rib guard is available in red color. However it is reversible with the blue color on the opposite side. This trunk guard adheres to all the latest criterion of the tournament courses of Taekwondo. This Chest & Rib guard is designed in a wrap-around way with straps to easily adjust to the waist. It covers the kidney and the liver area also to provide protection. On the back side of this hogu, there is a pad which protects the spine too. Hence, it is an overall solution to shield the trunk part of the body and handle the blows, strikes and punches during sparring in a comfortable manner. This Deluxe tournament Hogu comes into four different sizes including the small, medium, large and the extra-large guard. There is also a fifth size, especially available for smaller children who learn and practice taekwondo.


The Chest & Rib guard by TMAS is a reliable product and must be used at the first preference, because it has several amazing advantages. The basic advantage of this chest and rib guard is that it is easily available online and can be bought without much hassle. While talking about the quality of this trunk guard, it is made from high grade material and provides sufficient defense to the player. These rib guards are made from thick material, thereby providing maximum protection. The chest and rib guard is equipped to protect the player in such a way as though the player is wearing something similar to the shell of a turtle. Hence, it provides excellent shield while fighting and taking the blows. The impact of the strikes are generally spread over because of the high density of foam used in manufacturing of these guards. This also allows the player to have a soft and secure fitted defense, but at the same time, does not limit the movement while sparring. These chest and rib guards are designed looking into the comforts of the player. Main reason for this is the easy and smooth wearing and removal of the trunk guard. It is easy to wear and remove this type of guard because of the straps and its wrap-around feature. Variety in sizes also allows the player to choose the perfect fitting hogo for himself, adding to the list of its various benefits.


The major disadvantage of this chest and rib guard is that it cannot give the same free movement while sparring as one can while fighting without it. But prevention is better than cure and hence such trunk guard is a must for all the players in this sport.


Get rib guard to protect you from blows, strikes and injury during Taekwondo fights. It is an important source of shield and must be worn as it helps you focus on game without worrying.


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