TMAS Hogu Chest Protector

Published in Detail Review on 2nd January 2021
TMAS Hogu Chest Protector

Hogu Chest ProtectorProduct Introduction

Sports chest protectors are specially designed for protecting the chest and breasts of the players when they participate in games or even perform high impact exercises. TMAS has spent many years in designing high end chest protectors. The brand makes sure that the effects of the impacts to the chest of the players are less with the chest protector. It is necessary to minimize the effects of the impacts on the body of the players. The chest protector should not hinder the participation and concentration of the players, however. The products by TMAS are quite popular in the sports field. They are trusted around the world as they allow the player to participate in the game with confidence and enjoy it too. All the products designed by the brand is recommended by sports faculty and used by sportspersons too. Chest protectors safeguard the players when they participate in games like softball, basketball, soccer, mountain biking, rugby, roller derby, volleyball, lacrosse and others. They offer protection as well as confidence to players that nothing will happen to them. Many players use chest guards to get an edge over others in the competition. TMAS Chest and Rib Guard is the best chest & rib guard that is recommended by trainers to the sportspersons.

Product Details

TMAS Chest & Rib Guard comes with reversible scoring zones. The guard is quite durable as it is designed using high density EVA foam that offers it durability in the long run. The foam of the Chest & Rib Guard comes with soft vinyl cover too. The chest guard is reversible and is specially shaped to offer special protection to the players. It is designed by Macho and conforms to all types of body. There are red scoring zones on one side of the guard and blue ones on the other. The weight of the item is 3.5 pounds. The body is the most necessary asset of the players. It should be looked after well. At TMAS, chest and rib guards are designed for offering players their best performance. The guard is designed to support the chest of the players and offer them highest levels of comfort. All the chest guards by the brand make sure that they meet the expectations of the players. Female players are advised to wear sports bra under the sports chest and rib guard. It offers added protection to the breasts. It also offers confidence to the players.


Mas Chest and Rib GuardWhile playing sports, there are chances that the chest of the players getting hurt. By wearing the right chest and rib guard, players can protect themselves from the painful strikes to their chests or breasts. It helps them gain confidence during the game. With TMAS chest & rib guard, players are able to enjoy their sports without getting worried about their chest getting hurt during the game. The right type and kind of chest and rib guards helps players to increase their level of participation in the game at various points. Players are known to wear chest guard to give themselves a competitive edge in the sports over the opponents. There are range of benefits of wearing chest and rib guard from TMAS. In many sports like fencing, boxing and martial arts, wearing chest guards are mandatory. Players are required to wear the guards by the authority for preventing injuries to their chest.


There are no drawbacks of wearing chest guards. Get rib guard from TMAS, a well renowned brand for getting all the benefits.


TMAS chest and rib guard offers an edge to the players during a game. Players can increase their concentration and participation in the game with the right guard.


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